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1st like to said,

this my 1st try for pikkon from the ground up  will debut on Katsucon in feb. 2012 and that 84 days away, it basicly you will see ALL OUT PIKKON COSPLAY in katsu. only few people only cosplay as him in JPN   but the 1st in "United States in America"

but in the year's 2012 the era of Pikkon RETuRNS

for the detell for the pikkon cosplay is  liquid latex etc.... for the face

1. the blue shirt normal but mod. it

2. white FLB. for pikkon suit

3. green paint. for face and chest and hands

4.  and the pikkon shoe from the ground up  " it really good :)

5. the belt from the ground up  "it a ok" but need mod it

6. The pikkon hat it done but need mod it.

7. the bagging pant  it would be mod it.

8. if you want to see the REAL Pikkon cosplay in the flesh at Katsucon 2012 all 3 days wish to take a picture of me of my awesome cosplay  i do not mind.  thank you for this time reading this :) thx u love ya bye bye :)
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Submitted on
November 25, 2011